Jasminer X44-P 23,400 MH/s 2340W


Hash Rate: 23,400 MH/s (+_10%)

Power Consumption: 2,340 W (+_10%)

Efficiency: 0.1 J/MH

Memory: 12GB

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer repair or replace

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The JASMINER X44-P is a cutting-edge addition to the realm of cryptocurrency mining technology, designed to set new standards in performance and energy efficiency. This innovative miner is engineered to propel mining operations into the future with its remarkable capabilities.

Key FeaturesJASMINER X44-P:

1. Exceptional Hash Rate:

  • 23,400 MH/s Performance: The JASMINER X44-P delivers an astounding hash rate of 23,400 MH/s, ensuring superior mining efficiency and productivity.
  • Overclock Potential: Capable of increasing hash rate performance by up to 10%, providing additional flexibility and power for intensive mining tasks.

2. Superior Energy Efficiency:

  • 2,340 W Power Consumption: Operates at an optimal power consumption of 2,340 watts, designed to handle high-demand mining operations.
  • Efficiency Margin: Allows for a 10% increment in power consumption to meet the demands of more challenging mining activities.
  • Remarkable Energy Efficiency: Achieves an industry-leading efficiency of just 0.1 J/MH, setting a new benchmark for energy consumption in its class and ensuring cost-effective operation.

3. Advanced Technology:

  • Innovative Design: The JASMINER X44-P is a testament to technological advancements, featuring state-of-the-art components and engineering that drive exceptional performance.
  • Future-Ready: Built to accommodate the evolving needs of the cryptocurrency mining industry, ensuring long-term relevance and adaptability.

Specifications Of JASMINER X44-P:

  • Hash Rate: 23,400 MH/s, with up to 10% overclocking potential
  • Power Consumption: 2,340 W, with a 10% margin for increased demand
  • Energy Efficiency: 0.1 J/MH
  • Design: Engineered for high performance and optimal energy use


  • Cryptocurrency Mining: Ideal for both large-scale and individual cryptocurrency mining operations seeking to maximize efficiency and profitability.
  • Data Centers: Suitable for data centers focused on high-performance computing and energy-efficient operations.
  • Industrial Mining Farms: Perfect for industrial mining farms requiring robust, reliable, and future-proof mining equipment.


The JASMINER X44-P is more than just a mining unit; it’s a technological marvel that sets a new standard in the cryptocurrency mining industry. With its exceptional hash rate, superior energy efficiency, and advanced design, it offers a powerful and cost-effective solution for miners aiming to achieve optimal performance. Embrace the future of mining with the JASMINER X44-P and experience the next level of efficiency and power.


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