Jasminer X16-Q Quiet 1,950MH/s 620W (ETC/ETHW/ZIL)


The World’s first memory computing integrated high-troughput processor. Quiet, compact 3U rack-mountable format and rugged design.
✓ Architecture: 5nm
✓ Noise Level: 40db
✓ Hashrate: 1,950MH/s±10%
✓ Power: 620W ± 10%
✓ Bandwidth: 2 Tbyte/s
✓ Memory: 8GB
✓ Warranty: 1-year extended repair or replace Vipera warranty
✓ ETC DAG Memory Deadline: 09/2028 (anticipated)
✓ Confirmed to dual mine ZILLIQA

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    High-Throughput Intelligent Engine

    JASMINER X16-Q is equipped with JASMINER’s self-developed high-throughput intelligent engine, based on the world’s leading “storage and computing” high-throughput arithmetic chip, specifically built for “complex giant” blockchain networks. It requires only 630w±10% of power consumption to obtain 1845MH/s±10% of ultra-high hash rate, providing a new performance to reduce cost and increase efficiency for applications such as home use, IDC server room or professional sites. With multiple advantages such as high potency&low consumption, easy deployment, silence and environmental friendly, it brings customers an absolute Comfortable Experience.

  • Jasminer X16-Q Quiet Miner

    Highlight I.

    Extreme efficiency & brilliant future

    JASMINER X16-Q has a newly upgraded 1845MH/s ±10% stronger core computing performance and a 0.34 J/MH power consumption ratio, providing a fully promotion for the pursuit of ultimate performance, energy efficiency and extraordinary hash rate experience.

    Ultimate silence & maximum comfort

    JASMINER X16-Q is designed with a structure optimised for extreme cooling performance, creating a flagship silent cooling system with lower noise dB, stronger cooling, operating temperatures of 0-40°C and a noise level of 40 dB±10%, available for bedroom use as well.


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