Jasminer X16-P 5,800 MH/s 1900W


✔ Hashrate: 5800 MH/s

✔ Algorithm: ETChash (ETC/ETHW/ETHF) + Zilliqa

✔ Power: 1900W

✔ VRAM: 8G

✔ Noise: 85 decibels

✔ Warranty: 1 year replacement or parts

✔ PSU included

The JASMINER X16-P is a high-throughput power server featuring a hashrate of 5800 MH/s (± 10%), consuming 1900W (± 10%) of power. It excels in energy efficiency, with a rating of 0.32J/MH (± 10%). This server is designed to deliver efficient and powerful performance for mining operations.

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  • Jasminer X16-P 5,800 MH/s 1900W

    Exceptional Performance and Efficient Mining Operations

    The JASMINER X16-P sets itself apart as a high-throughput power server with exceptional performance in cryptocurrency mining. Boasting a hashrate of 5800 MH/s (± 10%), this server delivers impressive computational power, ensuring efficient and speedy mining operations. Its robust processing capabilities enable miners to handle complex algorithms and calculations with ease, maximizing their mining potential. Moreover, the server’s power consumption of 1900W (± 10%) strikes a perfect balance between performance and energy efficiency. By optimizing the mining process while keeping energy usage in check, the JASMINER X16-P offers an ideal solution for miners seeking both high performance and cost-effective operations.

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    Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency for Maximized Output

    In addition to its outstanding performance, the JASMINER X16-P shines in terms of energy efficiency. With a remarkable energy efficiency rating of 0.32J/MH (± 10%), this server proves to be a cost-effective choice for miners aiming to maximize their output while minimizing energy costs. By minimizing energy wastage and optimizing resource utilization, the JASMINER X16-P allows miners to achieve a higher hashrate per unit of energy consumed. This energy efficiency not only translates into cost savings but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly mining operation. The JASMINER X16-P empowers miners to achieve their desired mining goals while keeping their energy consumption in check.


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