NVIDIA GPU Carrier Baseboard 8x H200 Liquid Cooling


✔ Product line: Tesla

✔ Number of stream processors: Not specified

✔ Power consumption (W): 5600

✔ Architecture: Hopper

✔ Monitor output: None

✔ Interface: NVLink-C2C

✔ Gigabytes of memory: 1128

✔ Cooling type: Passive

✔ Memory type: HBM3e

✔ Slot count: 0

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NVIDIA GPU Carrier Baseboard 8x H200 Liquid Cooling: Unleash the Power of Advanced Computing

Optimized for High-Density GPU Deployments with Superior Liquid Cooling Technology

Introducing the NVIDIA GPU Carrier Baseboard with 8x H200 Liquid Cooling, a cutting-edge solution designed to maximize the performance and efficiency of high-density GPU deployments. This advanced baseboard integrates the latest H200 GPUs with state-of-the-art liquid cooling technology, ensuring unparalleled computational power and thermal management for demanding data center applications.

Key Features:

1. High-Density GPU Support:

  • Supports 8x H200 GPUs: Designed to accommodate up to eight NVIDIA H200 GPUs, providing immense computational power for AI, deep learning, and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.
  • Optimized Configuration: Ensures optimal placement and connectivity for each GPU, maximizing performance and minimizing latency.

2. Advanced Liquid Cooling:

  • Efficient Thermal Management: Utilizes sophisticated liquid cooling technology to maintain optimal operating temperatures, even under heavy computational loads.
  • Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: Liquid cooling significantly reduces the thermal footprint compared to traditional air cooling, ensuring stable and reliable performance across all GPUs.
  • Reduced Noise and Power Consumption: Offers quieter operation and improved energy efficiency, making it ideal for data centers looking to minimize operational costs and environmental impact.

3. Superior Performance:

  • NVIDIA H200 GPUs: Equipped with the latest H200 GPUs, renowned for their exceptional AI, deep learning, and HPC capabilities.
  • High Throughput: Provides high data throughput, essential for handling complex computations and large datasets with ease.
  • Scalable Solution: Easily scalable to meet growing computational demands, making it suitable for both current and future needs.

4. Robust and Reliable:

  • Enterprise-Grade Reliability: Built to meet the rigorous demands of modern data centers, ensuring 24/7 operation with minimal downtime.
  • Durable Construction: Constructed with high-quality materials to withstand continuous use and maintain long-term performance.
  • Secure and Manageable: Includes advanced security features and management tools, allowing IT administrators to efficiently manage and monitor the system.


  • GPU Support: 8x NVIDIA H200 GPUs
  • Cooling System: Advanced liquid cooling technology
  • Form Factor: Carrier baseboard designed for data center racks
  • Power Supply: Compatible with standard data center power configurations
  • Connectivity: High-speed interconnects to ensure low-latency communication between GPUs


  • Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning: Ideal for AI research and development, model training, and inferencing, leveraging the power of H200 GPUs for accelerated computation.
  • High-Performance Computing: Perfect for scientific research, simulations, and other HPC applications requiring significant computational resources.
  • Big Data Analytics: Enhances data processing and analytics workflows, enabling faster insights and decision-making.
  • Enterprise Data Centers: Suitable for large-scale data center deployments needing reliable, high-performance GPU solutions.


The NVIDIA GPU Carrier Baseboard with 8x H200 Liquid Cooling is a state-of-the-art solution tailored for high-density GPU deployments in data centers. By combining the exceptional power of eight NVIDIA H200 GPUs with advanced liquid cooling technology, this baseboard ensures superior performance, efficiency, and reliability. Optimize your data center’s capabilities with this cutting-edge technology, and experience the future of AI, HPC, and big data analytics today.


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