NVIDIA A800 Enterprise 80GB PCIe


The new NVIDIA A800 is based on the same Ampere microarchitecture as the A100, which was used as the performance baseline by the US government

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Introducing the NVIDIA A800 PCIe 80 GB professional graphics card, a state-of-the-art addition to NVIDIA’s impressive lineup. Engineered with the latest technology and designed for demanding professional applications, the A800 PCIe 80 GB delivers extraordinary performance and efficiency.

Key Features:

1. Superior Graphics Processing:

  • Advanced GA100 Processor: Built on a 7 nm process, the A800 is powered by the GA100 graphics processor, a massive chip featuring a die area of 826 mm² and 54,200 million transistors.
  • High-Performance Shading Units: With 6,912 shading units, 432 texture mapping units, and 160 ROPs, the A800 ensures top-tier performance across a wide range of professional applications.

2. Enhanced Machine Learning Capabilities:

  • 432 Tensor Cores: Equipped with 432 tensor cores, the A800 PCIe 80 GB significantly accelerates machine learning workloads, offering unparalleled speed and efficiency for AI and deep learning tasks.
  • Optimized Clock Speeds: The GPU operates at a base frequency of 1065 MHz, with the capability to boost up to 1410 MHz, ensuring optimal performance under heavy workloads.

3. Massive Memory and Bandwidth:

  • 80 GB HBM2e Memory: The A800 features a substantial 80 GB of HBM2e memory, providing ample capacity for large datasets and complex computations.
  • 5120-Bit Memory Interface: This expansive memory is connected via a 5120-bit interface, delivering exceptional memory bandwidth for data-intensive applications.

4. Efficient Design and Power Management:

  • Dual-Slot Cooling Solution: Measuring 267 mm in length and 111 mm in width, the A800 is designed with a dual-slot cooling solution to ensure maximum thermal efficiency.
  • Power Consumption: The graphics card draws power from an 8-pin EPS power connector, with a maximum power draw of 250 W, balancing high performance with energy efficiency.

5. Professional Connectivity:

  • PCIe 4.0 x16 Interface: The A800 PCIe 80 GB connects to your system via a PCI-Express 4.0 x16 interface, providing high-speed data transfer and compatibility with modern workstations.
  • No Display Connectivity: Designed for compute-focused tasks, the A800 does not feature display connectivity, emphasizing its role in professional and data center environments.

6. Professional-Grade Performance:

  • Designed for AI and Machine Learning: Ideal for machine learning, AI development, and other professional-grade applications, the A800 PCIe 80 GB sets a new standard for reliability and performance.
  • Not for Gaming: While exceptionally powerful for professional tasks, this card does not support DirectX 11 or DirectX 12, and thus may not be suitable for the latest gaming applications.


  • GPU Architecture: NVIDIA Ampere GA100
  • Shading Units: 6912
  • Texture Mapping Units: 432
  • Render Output Units (ROPs): 160
  • Tensor Cores: 432
  • Base Clock: 1065 MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1410 MHz
  • Memory: 80 GB HBM2e
  • Memory Clock: 1512 MHz
  • Memory Interface: 5120-bit
  • Power Consumption: 250 W
  • Dimensions: 267 mm x 111 mm
  • Interface: PCIe 4.0 x16
  • Power Connector: 8-pin EPS


Upgrade your professional workstation with the NVIDIA A800 PCIe 80 GB graphics card and experience unparalleled performance and reliability. Whether you are working on machine learning, AI, or other compute-intensive tasks, the A800 is designed to meet your most demanding requirements, ensuring your projects run smoothly and efficiently. Invest in the future of technology with the NVIDIA A800 PCIe 80 GB and elevate your professional capabilities.


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