Huapeng 3000 KVA Pad Mounted Transformer



Huapeng 3000kVA Pad Mounted Transformer: Reliable and Efficient Power Distribution

The Huapeng 3000kVA Pad Mounted Transformer is a high-capacity, three-phase transformer engineered to meet the demanding requirements of industrial and utility applications. Designed with robust features and advanced technology, it ensures efficient and reliable power distribution.

Key Features:

1. High Capacity and Efficiency:

  • 3000 kVA Capacity: Delivers substantial power, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial and utility applications.
  • Low Impedance: With an impedance of 5.75%, the transformer ensures efficient power transfer while minimizing energy losses, enhancing overall system performance.

2. Advanced Cooling System:

  • KNAN and FR3 Oil Cooling: Utilizes a combination of KNAN and FR3 oil cooling methods to effectively manage temperature, ensuring the transformer operates within optimal thermal conditions even under heavy load.

3. Flexible Power Distribution:

  • Dyn1 Vector Group Configuration: Provides flexibility in various power distribution setups, accommodating different system requirements with ease.
  • DOE-2016 Efficiency Standards: Complies with the latest energy efficiency regulations, reflecting Huapeng’s commitment to sustainable and cost-effective operation.

4. High Voltage Handling:

  • High Voltage Rating: Rated at 12,470 Delta Volts with a 95 kV BIL (Basic Insulation Level), the transformer is capable of handling demanding voltage requirements, ensuring reliability and safety in high-voltage applications.

5. Precision Voltage Adjustment:

  • Multiple Taps: Equipped with multiple taps both above and below the normal rating, allowing for precise voltage adjustments to maintain optimal performance under varying load conditions.

6. Versatile Circuit Management:

  • Load-Break Switching Capability: Features load-break switching at 15-38kV and 200A, providing versatility and safety in managing electrical circuits and enhancing operational flexibility.


  • Capacity: 3000 kVA
  • Impedance: 5.75%
  • Cooling System: KNAN and FR3 oil
  • Vector Group Configuration: Dyn1
  • Efficiency Standards: DOE-2016
  • High Voltage Rating: 12,470 Delta Volts
  • Basic Insulation Level (BIL): 95 kV
  • Voltage Adjustment Taps: Multiple taps for precise voltage control
  • Load-Break Switching: 15-38kV, 200A


  • Industrial Facilities: Ideal for large manufacturing plants, processing facilities, and other industrial environments requiring stable and efficient power distribution.
  • Utility Companies: Suitable for utility companies looking to enhance their power distribution infrastructure with reliable and efficient transformers.
  • Commercial Complexes: Perfect for large commercial buildings and complexes that demand high-capacity power solutions.


The Huapeng 3000kVA Pad Transformer is a robust and efficient solution designed to meet the high demands of modern industrial and utility applications. With its advanced cooling system, flexible power distribution capabilities, and compliance with the latest efficiency standards, it ensures reliable operation and optimal performance. Invest in the Huapeng 3000kVA Pad Transformer for a dependable, high-capacity power distribution solution that delivers both efficiency and reliability


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