Daelim Belefic 3-Phase Pad Mounted Transformer


3000Kva, contact if you need lower

Our 3-phase pad-mounted transformers from Daelim Belefic is a complete set of substation and distribution equipment that combines a combined transformer, a load switch and a protective fuse device for the high-voltage power receiving part, and the metering and switching of the low-voltage power distribution part.

The pad-mounted transformer has the characteristics of small size, low investment, convenient operation, fast installation, and simple maintenance. A great compliment to mining containers and other farms that require a step-down solution from the main line. CE rated standard, cUL and CSA ratings upon request (slightly higher cost, please consult your sales representative).

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  • Daelim Belefic 3-Phase Pad Mounted Transformer

    kva three phase

    pad mounted transformer

    The high-voltage cable of the transformer is connected to the transformer through a cable connector in the high-voltage bin, and the low-voltage cable is connected with a bolt and a low-voltage terminal in the low-voltage bin.

  • Pad Mounted Transformer



    Pad-mounted transformers are made in power ratings from around 75 to around 5000 kVA and often include built-in fuses and switches. Primary power cables are connected with elbow connectors, which can be operated when energized using a hot stick and allows for flexibility in repair and maintenance.

    Our pad mounted transformer is designde and tested in accordance with industry standards including CSA,ANSI C.57, DOE, and IEEE as applicable.

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    Use Environment of

    3 phase pad-mounted transformer

    1. Altitude: no more than 2000 meters

    2. Ambient temperature +40°C~-45°C

    3. Relative humidity: the daily average does not exceed 95%, and the monthly average does not exceed 90%.

    4. Seismic intensity: impermanent and severe vibration and shock;

    5. Installation environment: outdoor, installed in a fire-free house

  • Specification


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    Neatly arranged wiring

    The internal wiring is neatly arranged, low loss, strong heat dissipation performance, long service life, and can be used in different environments;

    Good protection performance, not afraid of bad weather. The electrical connection is fully sealed structure, without daily maintenance and repair.

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    Flame-retardant shell

    The shell has good insulation, airtightness and excellent heat resistance;

    The internal wiring is neatly arranged, low loss, strong heat dissipation performance, long service life, and can be used in different environments;

    Especially suitable for ring network power supply operation, it is an ideal power distribution equipment in urban power distribution networks such as urban network construction and transformation, residential quarters, etc.

    Low noise, low loss, short circuit resistance and super overload capacity.

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    Service life is more than 20 years

    Use automated equipment to ensure product size accuracy. Provide up to two years of maintenance services to provide you with high-quality after-sales service.

    The flexible electrical scheme, multiple combination schemes.

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    kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Features

    1. Sub-box combination: high-voltage ring main unit and transformer sub-box, high-voltage ring main unit is composed of high-performance load switches with SF6 as insulation and arc extinguishing medium, which will not produce transformer oil when the load switches are opened and closed Any impact.

    2. High safety: The high-voltage load switch has three positions of closing-opening-grounding, and has a reliable mechanical interlock. Only when the switch is in the grounding position can the fuse compartment be opened to replace the fuse.

    3. Improve power supply stability: Since each load switch is independent, its operation will not affect other switches, and there will be no short-term power outage due to the switching of the power supply.

    4. Reliable power supply: The high-breaking current-limiting fuse can reliably protect the transformer, and when a phase fuse is blown, the striker equipped with the striker will push the load switch tripping mechanism to open the load switch and avoid phase loss operation.

    5. The ring network cabinet can be operated electrically to achieve remote control and meet automation requirements.

    6. The ring network cabinet is equipped with a live display device, which can intuitively display whether the equipment is live or not. The device can also be used for phase verification and electrical inspection.

    7. Go deep into the load center: reduce the power supply radius, save cable investment, and improve the quality of power supply.


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