Fog Hashing Immersion Cooling M20 Suite


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Fog Hashing Immersion Cooling Suite M20 (Designed for Whatsminer M66 series)

Introducing the Fog Hashing Immersion Cooling Suite M20, a state-of-the-art cooling solution specifically designed for the Whatsminer M66 series. This innovative suite leverages the power of immersion cooling to significantly enhance the performance and longevity of your mining hardware, ensuring optimal operation even under the most demanding conditions.

Key Features:

1. Tailored Compatibility:

  • Designed for Whatsminer M66 Series: Engineered to seamlessly integrate with the Whatsminer M66 series, the M20 ensures perfect compatibility and optimal cooling efficiency for your mining rigs.

2. Superior Cooling Performance:

  • Immersion Cooling Technology: Utilizes cutting-edge immersion cooling to submerge your mining hardware in a non-conductive cooling liquid. This method effectively dissipates heat, maintaining ideal operating temperatures and preventing thermal throttling.
  • Enhanced Heat Dissipation: The immersion cooling system provides uniform cooling across all components, drastically reducing the risk of overheating and improving overall system stability.

3. Energy Efficiency:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption: By maintaining lower temperatures, the M20 suite reduces the energy required for traditional air cooling, resulting in significant energy savings and lower operational costs.
  • Optimized Power Usage: Ensures that your mining hardware operates at peak efficiency, maximizing hash rates while minimizing power consumption.

4. Increased Hardware Longevity:

  • Minimized Thermal Stress: By providing consistent cooling, the immersion cooling suite minimizes thermal stress on components, extending the lifespan of your mining hardware and reducing maintenance needs.
  • Dust-Free Environment: The sealed immersion system protects your hardware from dust and contaminants, further enhancing reliability and durability.

5. User-Friendly Design:

  • Easy Setup: The M20 suite is designed for straightforward installation and integration, allowing you to quickly upgrade your cooling system without extensive downtime.
  • Maintenance Simplification: Immersion cooling simplifies maintenance processes, reducing the frequency and complexity of necessary upkeep compared to traditional air-cooled systems.

6. Enhanced Performance:

  • Maximized Hash Rates: By maintaining optimal temperatures, the Fog Hashing Immersion Cooling Suite M20 ensures that your Whatsminer M66 series operates at maximum efficiency, delivering higher hash rates and improved mining profitability.
  • Stable Operation: Consistent cooling leads to more stable and reliable mining operations, reducing the risk of hardware failures and unexpected downtime.


  • Compatibility: Whatsminer M66 series
  • Cooling Technology: Immersion cooling
  • Cooling Medium: Non-conductive cooling liquid
  • Energy Efficiency: Significant reduction in power consumption compared to air cooling
  • Dimensions: Custom-designed to fit Whatsminer M66 series
  • Installation: User-friendly setup with detailed instructions


  • Cryptocurrency Mining Farms: Ideal for large-scale mining operations looking to enhance cooling efficiency and reduce energy costs.
  • Data Centers: Suitable for data centers requiring reliable and efficient cooling solutions for high-performance computing equipment.
  • Enterprise Mining Operations: Perfect for enterprises seeking to optimize their mining hardware’s performance and lifespan.


The Fog Hashing Immersion Cooling Suite M20 represents the pinnacle of advanced cooling solutions for the Whatsminer M66 series. By harnessing the power of immersion cooling technology, the M20 suite delivers unparalleled cooling performance, energy efficiency, and hardware longevity. Upgrade to the Fog Hashing Immersion Cooling Suite M20 and experience the future of cryptocurrency mining with enhanced stability, higher hash rates, and lower operational costs.



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