Protect yourself from online scams!
  1. Always verify and make sure the website has a physical store.
  2. Send friends or relative visit the shop to make sure it is real.
  3. It is important to come in person if you wish to purchase in bulk on you first purchase to establish trust between you and the supplier.
  4. Never make payments to websites without verifying or checking with the consulate of the suppliers country in your location.
  • How do i order?
    You can place your order in our shop or online, also message our sales team if you need any further assistance.

How do i make the payment?
Orders can be placed and payed directly at our shop, via bank transfer or , crypto(BTC or USDT)
NB: Your order is not yet confirmed once you pay via bank transfer untill after a within three days and above , depending on how the transfer will reach our account. In some cases the payment arrives when the product is out or stock , in such cases, the payment is refunded on the senders charges.

  • How do i check my order status?
    Once your order is confirmed , you will be given the tracking code to know the exact status of your order.

What to do after i receive the miner?
Conduct a preliminary inspection of miner before operation:
Check whether the appearance of the miner is deformed or damaged, check fan and connect wire as well.
Check whether the miner has abnormal noise, and observe whether there are any radiating fins falling off.
If you find any above situation, please take photo first and contact customer service.
REMARK: Do not disassemble the miner by yourself. The miner is affixed with anti-disassembly label. The miner immediately loses warranty service while user disassemble without any permission.

  • Is there any warranty?
    All our machines come with six months warranty after purchase.