Cryptocurrency Mining 2021

Is Crypto mining Worth It in 2021?

Though cryptocurrency is currently increasing everyday , The first thing to consider is getting a cheap or free power source.

Also take into consideration the prices of the hardware and availability are extremely volatile, so be sure to do your own research before making any purchasing or investment decisions. The cost for hardware devices has deliberately been left off due to market volatility.Get good offers from crypto mining devices website ,Benefit from wholesale prices of up to %30.

Ethereum (ETH)

2021–04–06: Mining ETH with a single NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 @ $0.10/Kwh.

Well, it is, but not for a little while. As of April 2021, Ethereum is still heavily supported by a large network of mining machines that validate transactions, execute Smart Contracts, etc.

The big shift to proof-of-stake likely won’t take place until 2022, so if you want to get started mining Ethereum you absolutely can. Just be aware that significant changes are coming in the long term. You should be prepared to re-purpose any hardware investment to mine another coin or sell on the open market when Ethereum mining begins to taper off. Also remember to stay on top of news and announcements from the Ethereum team for any planned network changes.

You can mine Ethereum primarily on GPUs, but there are a few ASIC miners that have come out recently which are highly competitive (remember to consider power and cooling for these). Below are sample ETH hashrates for popular GPUs and the latest and greatest ASIC miners:

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

This is the same as Ethereum if they hadn’t rolled back the DAO hack in the summer of 2016. Ethereum Classic is a forked version of Ethereum at the point where the DAO hack occurred. Instead of changing the rules, Ethereum Classic continued on without altering history like Ethereum did. This version aims to keep the blockchain brutally fair and honest and focused on sticking to the original principles of decentralized currency.

Ethereum Classic can be mined with GPUs and some ASICs just like Ethereum, but with one key difference. ETC is never switching to proof-of-stake. That’s right. You’ll be able to mine good old fashioned proof-of-work on Ethereum Classic forever.

The hashing algorithm is the same as normal Ethereum so any calculations can be run almost exactly the same as above. This is a good option if you purchase a huge, expensive ASIC miner for Ethereum and then want to switch later on when they move to proof-of-stake.

Bitcoin (BTC)

2021–04–06: Mining BTC on an Antminer S19J @ $0.10/Kwh.

Bitcoin is the original and most popular cryptocurrency of them all. But can you, a single individual, and not a Chinese corporation worth billions of dollars with access to cheap power, still mine it? Sure, but you’re not going to do it with GPUs and you’ll need a lot more money.

Bitcoin has existed long enough for the blockchain to become so incredibly huge and difficult to compute that only the most recent and powerful ASIC miners can compete. To get started mining Bitcoin seriously you’ll need to invest in some very shiny, expensive and loud hardware. You should also be certain to consider the power and cooling implications of these ASIC miners before purchasing:

Bitmain Antminer T19 (88Th) Bitcoin miner – Crypto Mining Devices
MicroBT Whatsminer M31S+ 82TH/S – Crypto Mining Devices
Bitmain Antminer S19 (95Th) Bitcoin miner – Crypto Mining Devices

Monero (XMR)

2021–04–06: Mining XMR on an AMD Threadripper 3990X @ $0.10/Kwh.

The abridged history of Monero stems originally from Bytecoin (BCN), which traces its roots back to 2012 as one of the first innovative CryptoNote coins. Monero is privacy-focused from the start and aims to obfuscate transactions rather than make them public and open for all to see. Rather than having a wide open, transparent ledger, Monero wants to protect your identity.

Monero is quite the opposite of Bitcoin when it comes to mining. Monero is ASIC resistant and favors CPU mining with ability to mine on some GPUs as well. This makes Monero an interesting option if you already have access to a bunch of high-speed processors in something like a server farm.

ZCash (ZEC)

2021–04–06: Mining ZEC using an Antminer Z11 @ $0.10/Kwh.

This is another privacy-focused cryptocurrency, but this is a descendant of the Bitcoin protocol and shares some similarities. The primary selling point of ZCash is that you have the option to use either a “transparent” address or a “shielded” address when you perform a transaction. The “transparent” addresses are similar to regular Bitcoin addresses and anyone can view them. The “shielded” addresses are encrypted and afford the user some protection against prying eyes.

You can mine ZCash with both GPUs and ASICs, but GPUs have slowly become more and more difficult to make a profit on. ZCash has almost exclusively become an ASIC mining cryptocurrency. The good news is that ZCash (EquiHash) specific ASICs are less popular than their Bitcoin brethren so you’ll likely be able to find them easier and at relatively better prices.

Below are the hashrates for popular GPUs as well as some good ASIC options for comparison:

Note that , you do not need to buy hundreds of machines or devices to start your own mining farm, You can start with just ten machines and start increasing .

Get your devices from crypto mining devices or other shops you know


– Is Bitcoin mining profitable in 2021?

As we all know , bitcoin price wont stop increasing , so mining bitcoin and holding it is a very good idea. For this i will say yes bitcoin mining is profitable in 2021 and still running.

-Is it worth it to mine ethereum 2021?

Those mining Ethereum continue to enjoy huge payouts for their efforts in 2021, while the smart contract blockchain platform edges closer to a move away from its proof-of-work consensus.

-Will Crypto go up in 2021?

The fact that Bitcoin entered 2021 at $30,000 and $55,000 not even at the middle of 2021 give us more reason to believe that Bitcoin might reach $100,000 and above before 2021 runs out.

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